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Online Web Tutor, founded by Sanjay Kumar, is a passionate and innovative Web Development Community dedicated to empowering aspiring web developers with the latest tools and techniques. Our platform offers a comprehensive range of web development courses, including PHP and its frameworks, Node.js, MySQL, Javascript and WordPress.

We believe in making learning accessible and engaging. Our team of experienced instructors brings their expertise to the forefront, delivering high-quality content that ensures a seamless learning experience for our community members. Through our carefully curated courses, we equip learners with the skills they need to excel in the dynamic field of web development.

This community have professionally trained instructors, developers. It provides web development course for free worldwide. It contains approx 1000+ videos of different different technologies like WordPress, PHP & it’s frameworks, Js & framework etc at Youtube.

With a focus on practicality and real-world applications, we bridge the gap between theory and practice, allowing individuals to master the intricacies of web development at their own pace. Join our community today and unlock the boundless potential of your web development journey with Online Web Tutor.

Online Web Tutor Blog created by Sanjay.
All work of this blog dedicated to his wife Sweety Singh & son Siddharth Singh.

Additionally we have services for web development training, handling client projects, one to one tutoring etc. Check out our team work at Udemy, Skillshike, Youtube, TutorialsPoint.

This community serving quality work over the globe, 100% free 30+ web development courses, well simple code methods in face of programming blog articles. We have more than 20+ happy clients over different different countries from our quality delivered works.

Free PHP Web Development Courses

Free web development courses on YouTube includes several courses. Here are the details –

WordPress Customization Series

  • WordPress Basics
  • WordPress Plugin Development
  • WordPress Theme Development
  • Widget Development
  • WooCommerce Development
  • WP_List_Table of WordPress
  • WordPress Hooks & Filters Tutorial
  • WordPress with jQuery UI
  • WordPress Custom Post Type
  • WordPress Shortcodes Tutorial
  • WordPress Metabox Guide
  • WordPress Data & Plugin Security
  • WordPress Theme Options Development
  • WordPress Child Theme Development
  • WordPress Plugin Development using TinyMCE Editor
  • WordPress WP-CLI Tutorial
  • WordPress Gutenberg
  • WordPress JSON REST API
  • WordPress Global Variables

Many More …

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and keep patience in yourself to see the results.
Sanjay Kumar

PHP & Framework Series

  • CodeIgniter v3 Tutorial
  • CodeIgniter v4 Complete Course
  • CodeIgniter v3 HMVC Tutorial
  • CodeIgniter v3 REST API development
  • Laravel v5.4 Tutorials
  • Laravel v5 Admin Panel Development
  • Laravel 8 Course
  • CakePHP v3.5 Tutorial
  • PHP REST API with JWT Token

Many More …


  • Vue JS 2 Tutorial
  • Javascript Object & Prototype
  • Node Js with MySQL REST API development
  • Node Js package development

Many More …


  • MySQL Basics
  • MySQL Stored Procedure
  • MySQL Trigger Tutorial
  • MySQL Event Course
  • MySQLi Tutorial

Many More …

These all above are 100% free courses to learn.

Please find the courses over on Youtube Online Web Tutor & Online Web Tutor Academy.

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But if ignoring those shortcomings and also hiding from your side,
then it will be very tough to survive.
Sanjay Kumar

Enroll Premium Courses

We have a set of premium course over on Udemy. Premium courses are –

  • Academics Management System in CakePHP 4
  • Admin Panel Development in CodeIgniter 4
  • Inventory Management System in CodeIgniter 3
  • LMS Admin Panel Development in Node & Express Js
  • Step by Step APIs Development in Node JS with Sequelize ORM
  • Learn CakePHP 4 (Step by Step Course)

Many More…

You can enroll same courses over your favourite channel, Check here Udemy, TutorialsPoint.

Author “Sanjay Kumar”

Hello Friends,

I Sanjay Kumar Founder of Online Web Tutor and Skillshike. I am a Professional Web Development Instructor inside Udemy, Skillshike, TutorialsPoint, YouTube. By passion I am a web developer. At free time I used to write programming blog articles, code snippets to provide the solution over web development.

I have a well skilled team for web development works. We also work on client based projects. Almost 50+ projects we have successfully submitted worldwide.

Sanjay Kumar

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– Sanjay Kumar

Why You Learn Here?

  1. Interesting & Easiest programming blog articles.
  2. This platform where you can learn about code standards, code quality & most important thing to do code in a very clean way.
  3. Find best tricks of web development course in PHP, Frameworks, WordPress etc.
  4. Free Educational Platform.
  5. Awesome feedback & comments of students over course sessions on youtube, udemy, etc.
  6. Step by step learning methodology.
  7. Process of learning courses from basics to advance.
  8. How to grow career skills, you can get the idea from it.