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Salesforce CPQ Data Model

18 Views The Configure-Price-Quote (CPQ) process has become increasingly important for companies as they aim to increase sales. With the exact pricing as well as product configurations provided by the CPQ process, the sales staff can close agreements faster and … Read more

How Send WhatsApp Messages in Laravel 10 Using Twilio

97 Views Integrating WhatsApp messaging into web applications can significantly enhance user engagement and communication. In Laravel 10, leveraging Twilio’s powerful API allows developers to seamlessly send WhatsApp messages, providing a direct and effective channel for communication. In this tutorial, … Read more

How To Use SweetAlert Message Box in Laravel 10 Tutorial

99 Views Enhancing user interaction with appealing and customizable alert messages is a valuable aspect of web application development. In Laravel 10, integrating SweetAlert, a sleek and customizable alert library, allows developers to create attractive and user-friendly message boxes effortlessly. … Read more

How To Read PDF File Contents in Laravel 10 Example

81 Views Extracting text from PDF files is a common requirement in web applications for parsing and utilizing PDF content. In Laravel 10, utilizing the spatie/pdf-to-text package allows developers to effortlessly extract text from PDF documents, enabling seamless integration of … Read more