WordPress Library Management System Plugin

Library Management System is a WordPress plugin which is designed to streamline and enhance the management of libraries, offering an intuitive and powerful solution for organizing books, users, bookcases, transactions, etc. Whether you are running a small community library or a large institutional library, our plugin provides the tools you need to operate efficiently and effectively.

Premium WordPress Library Management Plugin.

$49 (Basic Pro Version)
$169 (Full Pro Version).
For more information, mail us: onlinewebtutorhub@gmail.com.

There are several features available which helps to manage everything for your library system. These features extend plugin functionality to a great level of user experience.

Premium features of Library Management System:

Empower Your Institution with Our LMS Plugin

✔ Limitless Organization: Seamlessly manage an unlimited number of categories, bookcases, sections, and books, providing unparalleled flexibility in library organization.

✔ User Management: Effortlessly handle unlimited user branches and LMS users, empowering administrators to efficiently manage access and permissions across the system.

✔ Streamlined Transactions: Enable users to borrow and return multiple books simultaneously, while the system meticulously tracks transactions and maintains a comprehensive history.

✔ Comprehensive Multilingual Support: Cater to a global audience with multilingual support for 5 languages – English, Hindi, Turkish, Vietnamese, and Italian – ensuring inclusivity and accessibility.

✔ Robust Data Management: Utilize advanced tools for data management, including a test data import tool, CSV data import, and a data backup tool for seamless export and import operations.

✔ Detailed Reporting: Generate detailed reports in PDF, print, or CSV format with customizable filters, providing valuable insights into library usage and trends.

✔ Flexible Listing Options: Customize book listings with filters via shortcode, enabling users to easily navigate and discover library resources based on their preferences.

✔ Interactive Public LMS Page: Enhance user experience with a public LMS page featuring data filters for category and book availability, empowering users to explore the library’s offerings effortlessly.

✔ Enhanced Viewing Experience: Provide users with a rich viewing experience through a dedicated single book page view, facilitating in-depth exploration of individual titles.

✔ Tailored Settings: Customize settings according to your institution’s specific requirements, including options for borrow days, fines, country, currency, data backup, and shortcode configurations.

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To feel the real magic of using Pro version of Library Management System you can also request a demo for it. Please do an enquiry email and request a demo “onlinewebtutorhub@gmail.com” – Support Team Email.

If you set your mind to go with the premium functions here are the list of payment methods that we accept pay via Paypal / Bank Transfer / Google Pay / Phone Pay.


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