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At Online Web Tutor, we open the door to offer paid review service and many other promotional opportunities to help you reach out thousands of technical users per month.

The reviews and articles will be published in our blog to make them more discoverable and bring you constant traffic from search engine.

Traffic Stats

Monthly Organic Traffic: 20,000+

Monthly Page Views: 35,000+

Articles Published: 1000+

The stats are growing as our article readers, website content and domain authority continue to increase. We update the stats after every 3 months.

The above stats were updated on March 2023.

Services & Terms

There are several services that we offer to content creator and their terms written here. Please go through once with the given information.

  • Guest Post
  • Paid review
  • How to Guide(s)
  • Link in Collections
  • List All Products in Collection

Guest Post

We can accept guest post.

We can publish your created article at our platform. Article should contain around 700-2500 words. Also you can add some dofollow links to your article’s content for your website or some other platform.

There are some pricing plans for guest posting.

  • Single Article Publish
  • Publish Article in Bulk

Single Article Publish

  • Article for a year $49/year.
  • Lifetime publish, you need to pay for $69. Also we will add article link into top 3 ranked article. Share into social groups of online web tutor like Twitter, Facebook.

Publish Article in Bulk (Best for publishers)

Plan for publishing more than 1 article.

  • For every single article for a year $35/year.
  • Lifetime publish, you need to pay for $49 forever for every post. Also we will add article link into top 3 ranked article. Share into social groups of online web tutor like Twitter, Facebook.
  • You need to pay for 2 articles in a single payment first before publishing.

Paid Review

We will write a comprehensive review covering all aspects of your product or if you have any different types of service. The review will be 1500+ words with hands-on screenshots.

Cost: $89/review

How-to Guide(s)

We will pick one or several aspects or workflows of your product to write serial how-to guides, one guide for per aspect or workflow.

The guide will be 700-1000 words and keyword-optimized with hands-on screenshots.

Cost$89/guide, please contact us with a copy of your product for a quote. Our writer will suggest on how many guides to write depending on the complexity of your product.

Link in Collections

We will add your product link to our already published roundup article, on the top 3 spots.

Cost: $89/spot

List All Products in Collections

We will add your all product in a separate page and create a link to our already published article. Link will be attached with any 5 articles from this blog.

Cost: $89/spot


  1. We allow 1-2 dofollow links per article to your website or product page.
  2. The article will be published within weeks after your payment.
  3. The articles will be completely unbiasedfair, unique and plagiarism free.
  4. Our writer will take screenshots and images for the articles.
  5. The articles will live on our site forever.
  6. We will need a free copy of your product to conduct a review or guide.

Important Note*

You have total 3 turns to submit your post to publish via Online Web Tutor.

What this means?
In case if you handed any article to team and we found something which is not good like you violated the guest post policy according to above guideline. In that case you will loose turn and money will not refund anymore. So, please make sure about each guideline before requesting any post to publish.

You can contact us team via email address


Sanjay Kumar, Online Web Tutor