How To Capture Website Screenshot with Laravel Tutorial

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Inside this article we will see the concept i.e How To Capture Website Screenshot with Laravel. Article contains the classified information about Capture Screenshot of Website from URL using Laravel.

Here, we will use spatie/browsershot composer package to take a screenshot of the website in laravel. We will use url(), setOption(), windowSize(), waitUntilNetworkIdle() and save() method to capture browser screenshot.

Tutorial is super easy to understand and implement it in your code as well.

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Let’s get started.

Laravel Installation

Open terminal and run this command to create a laravel project.

composer create-project laravel/laravel myblog

It will create a project folder with name myblog inside your local system.

To start the development server of laravel –

php artisan serve


Assuming laravel already installed inside your system.

Install spatie/browsershot Package

Here, we will install spatie/browsershot package which will be responsible to provide functions and methods for taking screenshots from URL in laravel.

Open project terminal and run this command.

$ composer require spatie/browsershot


Install Node Package “puppeteer”

This is also a working partner for last installed composer package when we work of taking screenshots from URL. This is a node package, we will install it via NPM.

Run this command into your project terminal.

$ npm install puppeteer --global

Now, everything is ready.

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Just we need to create a application controller, route and a method to see the execution.

Create a Controller

Open project into terminal and run this command.

$ php artisan make:controller SiteController

It will create a SiteController.php file inside /app/Http/Controllers folder.

Open file and write this code into it.

namespace App\Http\Controllers;
use Illuminate\Http\Request;
use Spatie\Browsershot\Browsershot;
class SiteController extends Controller
     * Write code on Method
     * @return response()
    public function index(Request $request)
            ->setOption('landscape', true)
            ->windowSize(3840, 2160)

Add Route

Open web.php file from /routes folder. Add this route into it.

use App\Http\Controllers\SiteController;

Route::get('capture', [SiteController::class,'index']);


Application Testing

Run this command into project terminal to start development server,

php artisan serve


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When you open this URL, it will capture a screenshot of entire website i.e of

We hope this article helped you to learn How To Capture Website Screenshot with Laravel Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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