CodeIgniter Installation

Hi dev,

There are several ways to download and install CodeIgniter 4 into your system:

➡️ Download from CodeIgniter Website:

Go to the official CodeIgniter website (

Download the latest version of CodeIgniter 4.

Extract the downloaded zip file and place it in your desired directory.

➡️ Using Composer:

If you have Composer installed, you can create a new CodeIgniter 4 project with a single command:

composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter project-name

Replace project-name with the desired name of your CodeIgniter project.

➡️ Cloning from GitHub Repository:

CodeIgniter 4 is hosted on GitHub. You can clone the repository to your local machine using Git:

git clone

After cloning, navigate to the project directory and install dependencies using Composer:

composer install

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