CodeIgniter MVC

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In CodeIgniter 4, the MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture helps organize your application’s code into distinct layers, making it easier to manage and maintain.

➡️ Model (M):

Models represent the data layer of your application. They are responsible for interacting with the database, fetching and storing data, and performing business logic.

In CodeIgniter 4, models are typically stored in the app/Models directory.

Models should encapsulate database operations, ensuring separation of concerns and promoting reusability.

➡️ View (V):

Views represent the presentation layer of your application. They are responsible for displaying data to the user.

In CodeIgniter 4, views are typically stored in the app/Views directory.

Views are usually HTML templates with embedded PHP code (or PHP-based template engines like Twig).

➡️ Controller (C):

Controllers act as intermediaries between models and views. They handle user requests, process input data, interact with models to fetch data, and pass that data to views for display.

In CodeIgniter 4, controllers are typically stored in the app/Controllers directory.

Controllers contain methods (or actions) that correspond to different user actions (e.g., displaying a page, submitting a form).

Controllers are responsible for determining which view to load and passing data to the view.

➡️ Here’s how MVC works in CodeIgniter 4:

  • A user sends a request to a specific URL, which is routed to a corresponding controller method.
  • The controller method processes the request, interacts with models to fetch or manipulate data if necessary, and decides which view to load.
  • The controller passes any required data to the view.
  • The view receives the data and uses it to render the appropriate HTML response, which is then sent back to the user’s browser.

Overall, MVC in CodeIgniter 4 helps to keep your code organized, maintainable, and scalable by separating concerns and promoting code reusability.

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