CodeIgniter System Requirements

Hi dev,

To run CodeIgniter 4, you’ll need a system that meets the following requirements:

➡️ Web Server: Apache (with mod_rewrite enabled), Nginx, or any web server with PHP support.

➡️ PHP Version: PHP 7.4 or higher. CodeIgniter 4 is not compatible with PHP versions below 7.4.

➡️ Extensions: Ensure that the following PHP extensions are enabled:

  • intl
  • json
  • mbstring
  • xml

➡️ Database: A supported database system like MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, SQL Server, or Oracle.

➡️ Memory Limit: A memory limit of at least 128 MB is recommended, although this can vary based on the requirements of your application.

➡️ Disk Space: Adequate disk space for your project files, libraries, dependencies, and database storage.

➡️ Operating System: CodeIgniter 4 can run on various operating systems including Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Make sure your system meets these requirements to ensure smooth installation and operation of CodeIgniter 4.

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