Metabox Tutorial – Create First Dashboard Widget

As wordpress dashboard widget is a small block that performs a specific function. In this tutorial we will see how to create a dashboard widget.

Using Dashboard Widget API we can add the widgets on the dashboard. 

wp_dashboard_setup is the action hook used for adding or removing dashboard widgets from WordPress.

The wp_add_dashboard_widget() function is used to add widget to the administration dashboard.


Adds a new dashboard widget.

wp_add_dashboard_widget( string $widget_id, string $widget_name, callable $callback, callable $control_callback = null, array $callback_args = null, string $context = 'normal', string $priority = 'core' )

Parameters details


(string) (Required) Widget ID (used in the ‘id’ attribute for the widget).$widget_name

(string) (Required) Title of the widget.


(callable) (Required) Function that fills the widget with the desired content. The function should echo its output.


(callable) (Optional) Function that outputs controls for the widget.

Default value: null


(array) (Optional) Data that should be set as the $args property of the widget array (which is the second parameter passed to your callback).

Default value: null


(string) (Optional) The context within the screen where the box should display. Accepts ‘normal’, ‘side’, ‘column3’, or ‘column4’.

Default value: ‘normal’


(string) (Optional) The priority within the context where the box should show. Accepts ‘high’, ‘core’, ‘default’, or ‘low’.

Default value: ‘core’


 * Add a new dashboard widget.
function owt_add_dashboard_widgets()
        'dashboard_widget', // widget id
        'My Dashboard Widget', // widget title
        'owt_dashboard_widget_function' // widget callback function
add_action('wp_dashboard_setup', 'owt_add_dashboard_widgets');

 * Output the contents of the dashboard widget
function owt_dashboard_widget_function($post, $callback_args)
    esc_html_e("Hello Online Web Tutor, this is my first Dashboard Widget!", "textdomain");

Above code will add a dashboard widget. You can add this code into your custom plugin code or add inside activated theme functions.php file.

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