Laravel 8 Form Validation Methods

Laravel 8 Form Validation with Example

18, Adding validations to any form of web applications is high quality factor. We should always prefer both sides of validations like from client side using javascript or using server side. We can’t trust on user inputs, it results application crash in case of invalid values. For client side validation using javascript we have … Read more

Laravel 8 Routing Tutorial Step by Step Guide

Laravel 8 Routing Tutorial

23, Routing simply means mapping of application URLs to view files. These are responsible to handle HTTP requests. We can use request type GET, POST, PUT, DELETE according to need. Routes configuration for web application we do via web.php file. Also, we have a different file to handle APIs request that is by api.php. … Read more

Laravel 8 Installation Guide – PHP Framework


18, Laravel is an open source widely used PHP Framework for web applications. It’s syntax, working principle is so much expressive and elegant. Development of web application in Laravel framework now a days very popular among developers. Laravel is packed of strong features and/or module for the development environment. Laravel first version was released … Read more