CI 4 Query String in Routes

Query string means key value pairs to URL which is concatenated with & symbol. For passing query string value, we don’t need to do anything with the route configuration.

Let’s add a simple route.

Open Routes.php file from /app/Config folder.


$routes->get("my-route", "MyController::myRoute");

Example URLs

  • /my-route?name=sanjay&role=auth
  • /my-route?message=success&error=0

Access URL values to Controller


namespace App\Controllers;

use App\Controllers\BaseController;

class MyController extends BaseController
	public function myRoute()
		$all_query_values = $this->request->getVar();
        // It will return an array of all values
      	// get query variable - name
        $name = $this->request->getVar("name");
        // get query variable - role
        $role = $this->request->getVar("role");
  • $this->request->getVar() – It returns all query variables with values into an array format.
  • $this->request->getVar(“name”); – It will return the single query variable value i.e name

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