What is CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is PHP based web application development framework and 4.x is the current development version. It is very easy to work and develop an application. Let’s see some important features of this framework –

  • CodeIgniter is MVC supported working architect. In MVC, M stands for Model, V stands for View & C stands for Controller. By using this MVC concept, application development is quite easy to manage everything like with the part of database, user interfaces (UI) of end users etc.
  • This framework is very light weight, you will see when you do the installation of this framework. Very simple installation part.
  • Availability of the concept of Helpers & Libraries i.e core classes application development is faster. There are several core classes which proved many functions which enhances the development process.
  • Working with the Databases is pretty simple in nature. Inside this framework we have many ways to work the database queries like Raw Queries, Query Builder Class, Models & Entities etc.
  • Inbuilt features of security like XSS clean & input sanitization methods.
  • Well management of Session based concept. We can easily handle the data of session or flashdata.
  • Routes configuration now in v4.x is very very neat and clean. Those who have the knowledge of Laravel framework, they can easily understand the flow of routes and method types.

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