CI 4 What are Closure Routes?

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Closure routes are those routes in which we don’t bind controller and it’s method for url function. Instead we process route function by using closure callback function.

$route->get("<route>", function(){ ... });

When we define route closures, it means we are going to call request function in route file itself.


// route with static message
$routes->get("contact-us", function () {

    echo "<h1>Welcome to Online Web Tutor</h1>";

// route with view file
$routes->get("about-us", function () {

    return view("about-us"); // /app/Views/about-us.php

// route with parameter
$routes->get("services/(:num)", function ($id) {

    echo "ID: ".$id;

  • /contact-us, /about-us etc route is handled by callback function.

Inside all above route, we didn’t map any controller and method. You can use any method type.