How to Remove Composer Package in Laravel 8 Tutorial

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Inside this article we will see how to remove a installed composer package from laravel 8 application. When we work with application according to use we generally install several composer packages. If not needed then we uninstall or remove composer package from laravel 8 setup.

When composer package installs it updates composer.json file in laravel application. Also when we remove any package updates that file.

This tutorial will be very easy to understand and also easy to remove compose package from your application. We will see all steps to remove composer package in laravel 8 in a very detailed way.

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Let’s get started.

Remove Composer Package Steps

There are few steps we need to follow to remove a composer package in a proper way.

  • Remove Package Providers and Aliases (if any)
  • Remove Package Files
  • Clear Cached Config

Step #1 – Remove Provider and Alias

If you have added any provider line in providers and alias line in aliases array of /config/app.php file.

You need to remove those manually from app.php.

You can take an example like this –

'providers' => [


'aliases' => [

    'Excel' => Maatwebsite\Excel\Facades\Excel::class,

Step #2 – Remove Package Files & Dependencies

When you install any composer package it installs several files. So to remove those files in a proper way from application, here is the syntax of composer command to remove any package.


$ composer remove <packageName>


$ composer remove maatwebsite/excel

Step #3 – Clear Config

Next, we need to clear cached config from application.

$ php artisan config:clear

Successfully, you can remove a composer package from laravel application in a proper way.

We hope this article helped you to learn How to Remove Composer Package in Laravel 8 Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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