CodeIgniter 4 Truncate/Empty Table Methods Tutorial

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Reading Time: 3 minutes

Inside this article we will see the methods of Codeigniter 4 which helps to truncate any database table. It does the table empty. Delete all rows from table.

The TRUNCATE statement in MySQL removes the complete data without removing its structure. It is a part of DDL or data definition language command. Generally, we use this command when we want to delete an entire data from a table without removing the table structure.

As we know CodeIgniter 4 works on Raw queries, Query Builder, Model based concept. We will see CodeIgniter 4 Truncate/Empty table methods in all these cases.

CodeIgniter 4 provides several methods which helps to interact with the database for like insert, update, delete, select etc.

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Note*: For this article, CodeIgniter v4.1 setup has been installed. May be when you are seeing, version will be updated. CodeIgniter 4.x still is in development mode.

Let’s get started.

Download & Install CodeIgniter 4 Setup

We need to download & install CodeIgniter 4 application setup to system. To set application we have multiple options to proceed.

Here are the following ways to download and install CodeIgniter 4 –

  • Manual Download
  • Composer Installation
  • Clone Github repository of CodeIgniter 4

Complete introduction of CodeIgniter 4 basics – Click here to go. After going through this article you can easily download & install setup.

Here is the command to install via composer –

$ composer create-project codeigniter4/appstarter codeigniter-4

Assuming you have successfully installed application into your local system.

Turn Development Mode On

When we install CodeIgniter 4, we have env file at root. To use the environment variables means using variables at global scope we need to do env to .env

Open project in terminal

$ cp env .env

Above command will create a copy of env file to .env file. Now we are ready to use environment variables.

CodeIgniter starts up in production mode by default. Let’s do it in development mode. So that while working if we get any error then error will show up.

# CI_ENVIRONMENT = production

// Do it to 

CI_ENVIRONMENT = development

Now application is in development mode.

Truncate Methods

In CodeIgniter 4, query execution process includes

  • Raw Query
  • Query Builder Class
  • Model Based Query

We will see truncate methods in each case when we work.

Database Connect

$db = db_connect();


$db = \Config\Database::connect();

Using Raw Query

Truncate Method using raw query as –

$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE <table_name>");


$db->query("TRUNCATE <table_name>");


$db->query("TRUNCATE TABLE countries");


$db->query("TRUNCATE countries");

Using Query Builder Class

$builder = $db->table('users');




Using Model Based Concept

Suppose we have a model as CountryModel.

$object = new CountryModel();




All these above methods help you to truncate your database table.

We hope this article helped you to learn CodeIgniter 4 Truncate/Empty Table Methods Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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