What are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Angular Developer

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AngularJS developers have experienced JavaScript programmers and have a good understanding of software engineering from a theoretical perspective. Therefore, a successful Angular developer must have certain Angular development skills.

AngularJS engineers who code in Angular Java focus on building Single Page Applications (SPAs). They create everything that users see and hear on your site.

AngularJS, unlike other JavaScript frameworks, forces developers to follow an “Angular” approach. It is a set of principles and practices that enable developers to get the most out of the framework and build robust and efficient web applications.

This requires engineers to not only be good JavaScript coders but also be familiar with AngularJS inside and out.

The demand from Angular developers is therefore always high.

If you are looking for a professional AngularJS developer, if you place a job ad for a typical JavaScript developer, you will get many applications from people who know JavaScript is good but don’t know anything about AngularJS.

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Skills that Angular developers should have

  • Create self-contained, reusable, and testable modules and components
  • Have a clear chain of dependencies on the relationship between application logic and files
  • Get high performance on mobile and desktop
  • Write non-blocking code and adopt advanced techniques such as multithreading if necessary.
  • Collaborate with backend developers to build RESTful APIs
  • Communicate with external web services
  • Profile optimization (memory, speed)
  • Knowledge of NodeJS and ReactJS
  • Experience in backend technology (Node.js, Express) is preferred
  • Familiar with HTML, CSS3, JavaScript and exceljs angular example
  • Knowledge of the new specification for ECMAScript is also a big plus.

Angular developer responsibilities you should be aware of are

1. npm

npm is the primary tool for installing, discovering, publishing, and developing thousands of client node programs.

This generic JavaScript framework is found in several modules of various projects.

Hiring someone who understands Npm can help you adapt to updates and changes as your application grows.

Hired Angular developers can use the Node Package Manager (NPM) to install these optional modules.

2.HTML and CSS

You may also want to know how to create beautiful, fully functional apps. Well, Angular doesn’t have the basics!

Knowing HTML, and CSS  is one of the most important skills for Angular developers.

Angular provides building blocks for developers to build fast and powerful applications. This is possible if the developer knows how to handle HTML and CSS to display these apps in the browser.

HTML and CSS are among the core skills of front-end developers. Our knowledgeable developers can tailor it and deliver a personalized experience that delivers exactly what you want.

3. Angular CLI

One of the main responsibilities of an Angular developer is to create new projects using best practices and patterns. Angular CLI is one of the technologies that make this possible.

Plus, preconfigured configurations streamline your code so you can update your app instantly! This is one of the most important skills for Angular developers.

In addition to these features, there are advantages such as reduced development costs. It’s ideal for small businesses that want to get things done faster without hiring multiple developers or performing additional customization.

4. Git

Git is a powerful tool that you can use to track changes in your project.

It also sends you a notification when something in your code is deleted or changed, giving you peace of mind when working on complex projects, and many people are collaborating remotely via discussion threads. do.

Best place? No additional software is required. Developers only install what is available on the website (e.g. with source code control).

Git is the best way to manipulate your application using source code control. Git is one of the most important skills of Angular developers and helps you build and code new features.

GIT makes it easy to roll back if something goes wrong. Git lets you kickstart all your crazy ideas while keeping everything running, you don’t.

5. Testing and debugging

Developers must be able to find and fix bugs for their apps, websites, or software products to work properly.

One of the main skills of an Angular developer is a good understanding of programming and the ability to accurately read other people’s code.

This way, developers can identify issues before they become commonplace.

Often, Angular front-end developers are unfamiliar with testing and debugging troubleshooting and are confused!

A variety of testing techniques are available. Functional testing verifies that the product meets all requirements and specifications listed in the development documentation.

This is useful if you want to check if there is a problem with a small part but don’t know where to start.


1. What are the roles and responsibilities of an Angular developer?

Angular is a platform and framework for building single-page client-side applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is written in TypeScript. It implements basic and optional features as a set of TypeScript libraries that can be imported into applications.

2. What makes a good Angular developer?

Mastering JavaScript allows great developers to understand the basics of other frameworks. You can dive deep into the Angular framework. Angular developers should be masters of this framework.

3. Is Angular a frontend or a backend?

AngularJs is an open-source front-end framework for JavaScript primarily used for developing Single Page Web Applications (SPAs). It’s a framework that continues to grow and expand, providing a better way to develop web applications.

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