How To Stop Spam User Registration in WordPress Using Plugin

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Inside this article we will see the concept How To Stop Spam User Registration in WordPress Using Plugin. Article contains classified information about Stop spam users in WordPress: A step-by-step guide.

The undesired and sometimes automated creation of user accounts on a WordPress website is referred to as spam user registration. It is a typical problem that can result in a bloated user database, security issues, and a poor user experience.

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Bots or criminal persons usually produce spam registrations in order to exploit or disrupt websites. Here, is a database users view of spam users.

In this article we will use a wordpress plugin to stop spam users registration in wordpress based applications.

Let’s get started.

Installation of WordPress Plugin (Ban Hammer)

Go to WordPress admin panel.

Click to Plugins >> Add New

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Search for “ban hammer” keyword into search box.

You should see above plugin into the list.

Click on Install Now.


Click on Activate.

Once you will install it, you should see Ban Hammer Menu inside Tools.

Manage Spam User Settings

Now, we will set spam users email pattern from where we are getting spam users data into application.

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Open Ban Hammer Settings page from Tools >> Ban Hammer

Here, you can see we passed (The Blocked List) a pattern like

These pattern means that, if any user register using email pattern ends with these values will not be acceptable into WordPress registration.

This is one of the analysed pattern we got after seeing spam users email addresses. You can choose any similar texts and put it inside that.

Additionally you can set a value for Redirection Blocked Users? Here you can pass a URL where you want to redirection spam users after failed registration.

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Once you do all settings, just hit Save Changes button.

If everything will be upto mark then you will see spam users now stopped to register themselves.

There are surely other methods as well like Enabling registration captcha, Disable user registration, Specifying a specific role, Add Email verification and Admin approval, etc. But the method you seen is very basic and too simple to do.

We hope this article helped you to learn How To Stop Spam User Registration in WordPress Using Plugin Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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