How To Reset Password From Database in WordPress

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Inside this article we will see the concept to reset password from database in wordpress. This will help you to reset password when you forgot. It doesn’t include any use of plugin but you need the access of database.

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system written in PHP and paired with a MySQL or MariaDB database.

If you are looking for an article which helps you to reset password without use of any third party plugin then this article will help you. This will use your database access.

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Let’s get started.

WordPress Admin Login – Reset Password

You forgot /wp-admin password, not able to login.

Tried many times but not working. You want to reset it.

Open your wordpress database.

Search for wp_users table. If you have any other table prefix instead of wp_ open yourprefix_users table.

Click on Edit link for your admin user role.

It will open edit form with user details. You need to update user_pass value.

Click on Go button to save.

It will save your new password for example 123456 into MD5 format to database.

Back to WP Admin login

Provide your /wp-admin login details like username and password.

In my case it was username: admin & password: 123456 [123456 is md5 encrypted password]

Click on Log In

You will see, you are logged in Hurrey!

But once you go back to database. Your password is now again encrypted from MD5 to WordPress Salt based password encryption method.

Process of Password Reset

user_pass – Saved as MD5

When login it converted from MD5 to WordPress Salt Based Encryption

We hope this article helped you to How To Reset Password From Database in WordPress Tutorial in a very detailed way.

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